Indulge in a Citrus, Woody, Floral Fusion

daze / dāz / rêverie

Daze is a harmonious blend of gentle musk, Egyptian Jasmine, and white violet, intertwining with playful citrus undertones. Let Déjà vu's Daze fragrance transport you into a dreamy radiance, captivating you with its woody, citrus, floral bliss.


Top: Violet Leaf, Grapefruit, Strawberry

Mid: White Violet, Egyptian Jasmine,

Base: Madagascar Vanilla, White Woods, Musk


Natural Ingredients: Bergamot Oil from Sicily, Patchouli Oil from Indonesia, Lemon Oil from Sicily, Cedarwood Oil Virginia from the USA, Neroli Oil from Sicily, Jasmine Absolute from Egypt


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Imagine your life with Daze

Picture yourself strolling through a lush garden, surrounded by blooming flowers and gentle musk. Daze invites you to a state of reverie, where the citrusy notes playfully dance around the floral bouquet, wrapping you in an aura of pure bliss. Feel the radiance of this fragrance as it brightens your day and uplifts your spirit.

A captivating blend of musk, Egyptian Jasmine, and white violet creates a dreamy and enchanting scent.

Playful citrus undertones add a refreshing and lively twist to the fragrance.

Experience a fragrance that is both delicate and invigorating, capturing the essence of floral bliss.

Daze FAQs

Is Daze a strong or subtle fragrance?

Daze's harmonious blend of woody florals and citrus notes makes it suitable for all who enjoy a softer, sweeter fragrance.

Is Daze suitable for daytime wear?

Absolutely! Daze's invigorating and floral scent is perfect for brightening your day.

How would you describe the scent strength of Daze?

Daze offers a moderate scent strength, leaving a delicate yet captivating trail.

Is this fragrance free from harmful chemicals?

Yes, we prioritise safe and gentle ingredients, making Daze suitable for most skin types.